Never wait for
payment again.

Our FilePaymentTM solution combines file transfer with online payments for a smooth, hassle-free exchange of your work for money owed.

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Money in your hands.
Work in theirs.

FinalFile is getting freelancers paid faster than ever before! Send a FilePaymentTM today and experience what it truly means to be paid on delivery.

Average amount of time it takes to get paid:
Cheque or Digital Payment
82 days
Online Invoice
19 days
5 hrs

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How FilePaymentTM works

Send a file


Simply upload your work to our
secure servers.

Send a file


Set your price, add a recipient,
and send.

Send a file


Your work is protected
until your client completes
the payment process.

Send a file


Your client can easily pay
online by credit card or debit.

Send a file


They'll be able to
download as soon as
payment is approved.

Understanding your freelance business

Without the need for cumbersome accounting apps, your FinalFile Dashboard will give you an instant snapshot, as well as detailed reporting on how your freelance business is doing.

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Not convinced?

  • Testimonial

    It's about time someone came out with this!

    Jessica P.

  • Testimonial

    I can't tell you how many hours I've spent chasing down clients for money. Not anymore!

    Peter G

  • Testimonial

    Now I get paid when the job is done...not 90 days later!

    Kathy S.

    Graphic Designer
  • Testimonial

    I always felt like a stalker, calling my clients over and over again. Bye bye awkward phone conversations.

    Robert J.

    Stack Developer
  • Testimonial

    I've heard every excuse why it's taking so long to send my money. Now, I just send the work and BAM! I'm paid!

    Catherine M.

    Web Designer